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About Rajchman Foundation

We are a group of motivated young Poles attending leading institutions in Poland and abroad. In 2016 we decided to take the matters of our young democratic society into our own hands and created the Young Leaders' Conference, Central and Eastern Europe's largest conference run entirely by youth. We act through Rajchman Foundation - a non-profit we have set up ourselves - named after the Polish-Jewish physician, bacteriologist, and founder of UNICEF. Our goal is to fulfill our patron's grand vision; we believe in empowering the youth of our time to create a stronger and more resilient civil society based on the principles of liberal international economic order and democracy. We hope to contribute internally to the strengthening of the structure of the free world our parents and grandparents have fought for throughout the 20th century, because we believe that sustaining and expanding that treasure should be our generation's legacy.

About Young Leaders' Conference

The primary purpose of the conference is to inspire and nurture future civil, corporate, and political leaders by giving them direct access to the most influential personalities of today's world: successful business people, prominent politicians, leading social activists and influential artists. We launched this conference after seeing among our peers growing disillusionment and lack of interest in the affairs of the state and society, as well as anxiety concerning their future in the rapidly changing world. In our view, listening to first-hand experiences and advice from world-leading individuals is a brilliant way to address these concerns and build faith in themselves and the system they live in, while creating a sense of responsibility for that system and, from a more local perspective, their society.

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