30 June 2019

Rajchman Foundation awards 12 scholarships for the Mentoring Cruise

The Rajchman Foundation was the organizer of scholarship qualifications for the Mentoring Cruise. The Mentoring Cruise is a fully-funded opportunity for polish high school students to spend a week in Masurian Lakes. The purpose of the Cruise is to educate talented youth from all over Poland on application to the most renowned universities abroad, help them shape their plans for the future and encourage self-growth. Mentors on the Cruise are students from the best universities in the world i.a. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia and Sciences Po. The organizers have also invited distinguished guests, including Mr. Krzysztof Borusowski – President of Best S.A., Harvard MBA ’93 – to share their life and career experience with program’s participants. 

Thanks to generosity of program’s sponsors (including. Amazon, PZU, ARP, Polish Development Fund), the Rajchman Foundation, has led the selection process of 12 most able students to participate in the Cruise. The appointed Selection Board took into account candidates’ academic ability, extracurricular engagements and also their social background to encourage equal access to education regardless of social background.

Honorary patrons of the Mentoring Cruise include British Embassy Warsaw, City of Mikołajki and L’Ambasciata d’Italia a Varsavia – Italian Embassy Warsaw. More information about the project available at: www.rejsmentoringowy.pl