Executive Board
Franciszek Sokołowski

Student at the Yale College. Co-Founder of the Young Leaders’ Conference and Rajchman Foundation. Finalist of national and international olympiads from history and politics. Recipient of the Main Prize in the “Path to Harvard” contest and of the Award of the Minister of National Education.

Vice President
Łukasz Kremky

Student at the LSE on a BSc Politics and Philosophy program and President of the LSE SU Polish Business Society. Laureate of the 59th National Social Sciences Olympiad and finalist of the National Philosophy Olympiad. Research assistant at the LSE Government Department.

Vice President
Maciej Nadzikiewicz

Student at the University of Warsaw. Interested in other countries and cultures, an active Wikipedian. Currently chairs University of Warsaw's SU Audit Committee. Featured on the Forbes 25 under 25 Poland list.

Vice President
Jeremi Jaksina

Student at the University of Cambridge pursuing a BA in Archaeology with Bioanthropology track. Laureate of the 6th, 7th and 8th International History Bee-Bowl Olympiad (Gold medal in a team, two silver medals individually).

Vice President
Aleksandra Ruzikowska

Law (Jurisprudence) student at the University of Oxford, passionate about literature and international affairs. She was titled the best attorney in mock trial contest held during Stanford Summer School in 2017. She devotes her time to volunteer as a tutor and to engage in the animal rights movement.

Vice President
Wiktor Babiński

Student at the LSE and Political Science on a BSc International Relations program. Passionate about foreign policy and global affairs, he used to live and work in the Polish Embassy in Beijing and travel around Eurasia.

Advisory Board
Michał Stankiewicz

Student at the University of Oxford pursuing a BA in Economics and Management. Laureate of the 31st and 32nd National Economics Olympiad as well as the International Economics Olympiad (Silver medal).

Michał Kożuchowski

Student at the Harvard University concentrating in Economics and Energy & Environment. Storm chaser, tennis player, e-sports enthusiast. President of the Harvard Polish Society.

Michał Gerasimiuk

Student at the Yale University. Double recipient of the Prime Minister of Poland's Fellowship. Winner of the 42nd National English Language Olympiad, laureate of the 47th Polish Literature and Language Olympiad. National scholastic team chess champion.

Antoni Rytel

Student at the Stanford University majoring in Economics and Computer Science. President of the Stanford Polish Student Association. Double recipient of the Prime Minister of Poland’s Fellowship. Member of the GovTech Polska team in the Prime Minister’s Office.

Michał Wyrębkowski

Student at the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Economics. Penn World Scholar and recipient of Prime Minister Fellowship. Finalist of four National Olympiads and laureate of 51st Polish Literature and Language Olympiad.

Sonia Gnatowska

Student at the Akademeia High School. Came 3rd in Polish national youth rowing championships.

Alan Smith

Recently graduated lawyer from Panama City. Former intern at ICC Headquarters in Paris. Master of Laws Candidate in French and European Law at Université de Cergy-Pontoise. President of the Host Team of the Harvard World MUN 2018 conference in Panama City.