Investing in a better tomorrow

by youth - for youth

Our Mission

The Ludwik Rajchman Foundation was born out of belief in the civil society as the foundation of a prosperous, healthy democracy. Its establishment came on the centenary of Wilson’s Fourteen Points, which gave rise to international liberalism. In a region whose societies have been desecrated by decades of conflict and totalitarian dictatorship, this truth rings more audibly than elsewhere. The Solidarity movement has proven to the world that the spirit of democracy is strong all throughout Europe. Today, three decades after the re-unification of the European continent from the tragic state of forcefully imposed partition, we recognize the need to nurture and foster the freedom that our predecessors have won. It is because we believe that what is taken for granted, falls into neglect and disappears. By teaching the young generation the virtues of a healthy civil society, we want to reinforce the foundations of our freedom, and remind everyone of its immeasurable value.

Yesterday needed warriors and revolutionaries, today needs responsible statesmen and citizens.

We aim to contribute to a more frequent and friendly dialogue between future leaders in their respective fields from all around Poland. We want to help build a community that will provide a framework for future cooperation between these talented individuals when they will be in positions of importance to our community’s well-being and development. This goal is a rather ambitious one and we do not suppose that we alone will able to resolve it completely, if anything can, but through our effort we hope to make a significant enough change to make our country and region more stable, prosperous and responsible internationally. We understand that in order to achieve such levels of civic responsibility and engagement as in countries with long and established democratic traditions, we need to take grassroots action and commit ourselves to it with patience and hard work, so that we can make up for nearly 50 years of foreign-imposed totalitarian regime that desecrated our civic life. We see our commitment as an investment in a more stable and prosperous country, society and region.

Our Foundation is also an attempt to create a simple and operational institution of aid to the youth. Taught by years of participation in student unions and adult-to-youth aid organizations we have discovered that simplicity and de-bureaucratization is a golden principle in creating an efficient and purposeful organization that will have real impact on the youth of our time.

But our development does not end here. In the course of the Young Leaders’ Conference 2018 we have raised more than 3,500 dollars for charity. As the Foundation grows, so will our scope of engagement. We will soon be able to provide grants and scholarships to talented young individuals in order to support those who need our help today, and whose future achievements will contribute to the society in many different ways. The Rajchman Foundation will grow – and with it its positive impact on our society.