8 May 2019

Franciszek Sokołowski took part in a panel at the 7th Congress of the Polish Insurance Group

Franciszek Sokołowski, as a representative of the young generation, took part in a panel CEOs and presidents of Poland’s largest insurance companies. The panel focused on the challenges arising from the entry of an increasing number of representatives of the “generation Z” into the labor market.

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4 May 2019

Best wishes on the 15th anniversary of Poland’s EU membership

On the 1st of May 2004 Poland joined the European Union. The 15th anniversary is a great occasion to summarize the early years of Poland’s membership in the EU. That one and a half decade brought significant political and social improvement, as well as a sustained and dynamic economic growth. EU membership has also proven vastly beneficial to the young generation, born after the fall of communism.

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24 April 2019

Meeting with the Honorable Georgette Mosbacher

During an official finale of the Exempt from Theory social project management olympiad, our representatives had the honor of meeting HE Georgette Mosbacher, the American Ambassador to Poland.

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8 April 2019

Statement on the Polish Teachers’ Strike

The nationwide teacher strike is a profound and urgent matter for the well-being of Polish students. As an entity placing the Polish youth at the heart of its mission, we would like to officially address the issue.

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