13 May 2017

First Edition of the Young Leaders Conference

Evolving from our very first initiatives taking place in 2016 when the people who would later become the core of the Rajchman Foundation first met, the Young Leaders’ Conference was born. Its first edition took place in Kino Kultura, situated in the beautiful, historic part of Warsaw.

Among our first speakers were Agnieszka Holland, the only Polish Golden Globe laureate, Marcin Iwiński, the billionaire co-creator of CD Projekt, one of the most successful gaming companies in the world, Jarosław Góra, vice-president of the Harvard Club of Poland and Michał Skręta, a Polish UN Youth Delegate and Stanford student. Attracting over 200 participants, the full capacity of our venue, the conference proved to be an encouraging success. Receiving positive feedback from both our peers and more experienced observers convinced us that we are capable of creating real impact and pushed us to continue the story that begun that day with the hope of taking our society’s fate into our own hands to a degree we are capable of and encouraging others to do the same. Thus, the Rajchman Foundation was born.